Find your ideal clients and accelerate your business.


If you'd like a checklist to help you set up your business; a workbook to help you identify your ideal clients; and an info sheet all about business planning and goal setting, then 



Business Consultancy - advice, coaching and mentoring support for small businesses


When you decided you'd had enough of the 9-5 ratrace, you knew you wanted more flexibility, satisfaction and to feel like you're living your purpose. You had a fabulous business idea that you wanted to show to the world. 

But now reality has set in; this is real and sometimes it feels daunting and overwhelming. It can be a pretty scary place to be. 

You're struggling to find clients and put yourself out there. You're spending a lot of time doing things but you don't know if you're actually doing the right things. 

The pressure to actually bring in money (because there are bills to pay) is increasing. 

Yes, I know exactly how you feel!

I want to help take you from this confusion and overwhelm and help you to develop a clear direction with easy-to-follow strategies so that you can confidently put yourself in front of the people who want and need your services.

Hi, I'm Fay Blakey a business consultant with over 20 years experience working with many businesses of varying sizes. Not only do I have the skills & qualifications but also the practical know-how of running my own business. 

I want to help you make a success of your business which means attracting clients (and money). 

I'm all about helping people to:

  • Feel excited to get up every morning and work on your business. It’s your business so your rules
  • Develop a clear action plan so you're doing everything you need to and nothing you don’t
  • Identify your ideal clients and know exactly where to find them
  • Create an offer perfect for your ideal client so they can’t resist
  • Charge what you are worth
  • Earn money doing what lights you up whilst serving the people you most love to work with
  • Develop the headspace to do the things you dreamt of when you started this business - whatever they may be  -booking lovely holidays, financing a new car - and being a successful business owner!