You're struggling to find consistent paying clients (everyone seems to want something for free, right?). You’re an expert in your field but you need to find more clients who want your offer

You end up taking on less than ideal work because you need to pay the bills 

When you started this business, you dreamt of: success; luxury holidays and city breaks ; buying your dream car; having more freedom, work life balance...

The reality is that you’re working all the hours, and in addition to being the expert you are, you’re learning to be your own finance manager, marketing manager, sales person, HR manager, IT guru - the list goes on and the closest you get to self-care is a glass of wine in front of the tv, feeling exhausted at the end of the day!

You’re starting to resent the work you do and you can’t shift this sinking feeling


Imagine this instead:

You have a clear framework on exactly what you need to do and when, so you can tick off your to-do list knowing you’re doing everything you need to and nothing you don’t

You know exactly who your dream clients are and more importantly WHERE they are

You have created your perfect offer and clients can’t resist working with you

You have processes in place for all of the business elements, yes they need your attention but you understand how to manage them

You no longer feel like you are compromising yourself – it's ok to turn away people who you know aren’t an ideal match

 You charge what you are worth

Money is coming from doing what lights you up whilst serving the people you most love to work with

You have the time and resources to create that work life balance

You feel excited to get up every morning and work on your business. It’s your business so your rules

Your business is SMART



This can be YOUR reality:

My Signature Programme is personalised to your needs to create and develop your smart business. An idea of the topics we can cover together are:


Clear Direction

  • Clearly define WHY you are running a business

  • Ensure your business is the perfect fit for you

  • Clarify your business vision so you understand what you’re working towards

This part is essential to keep you on track and ensure you take the right action

Be Fearless

  • Build the confidence to run your business the way you want to

  • Who are you really and do you treat yourself in the way that you deserve?

  • Give yourself the opportunity to win – be confident, be the expert in your field, attract clients, attract money.

Your Ideal Client

  • Get clear on the person/business you work best with and why

  • Know where to find your ideal clients

  • Know exactly why they need you and how you can help them

Your Offer

  • Understand what talents, skills and experience you have that your clients want to tap into

  • Define and design your offer – your bespoke programme/package or services

  • Define your pricing structure and charge what you’re worth

Your Business

  • Ensure you have the right business documents and processes in place (don’t worry, I have templates to help make this easier)

  • Streamline your systems so you can spend more time doing what you love – working with clients

  • Know exactly what you need to do and when - and where you may need to delegate.

Your Plans

  • Know what you want to achieve for your business

  • Know how your goals will impact your business

  • Take time to plan – don’t wait for business to 'happen to you’

Develop a Success Mindset

  • Understand why you often procrastinate and how to beat it

  • Develop a success mindset (aka way you speak to yourself) and put your mind monkey’s back in their cage

  • Remember who you really are – define yourself and your offer to others

Your Marketing

  • Create your marketing plan to make yourself and your offer irresistible to your ideal client

  • Understand exactly where to find your ideal clients and what they want to hear from you

  • Show yourself to them, be visible. (After all: people buy from people.)

Your Sales

  • Understand what your clients want and how you can help

  • Create systems to understand your client needs

  • Understand ‘when’ to sell

Your People

  • If you have staff, understand how to incorporate them into your business

  • Ensure your people impact the business

  • Establish that they have the skills and knowledge to develop your business


Let’s do this!

Get back in touch with your original goal, why you wanted to go into business in the first place

Understand the inner you and stop you getting in your own way – let’s find the you who knows how to do the job, the you who knows that you’re an expert in your field

Get the most out of your day, using your time wisely so that you achieve those desired results

Know your customers, where they are and why they want to work with you

Sort out your processes so that you business runs like a well-oiled machine

Let’s get to grips with smart business.


If this sounds like something you and your business need - 

  1. Click on the button below to book your discovery call. Together we’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve in your business and if we’re a good fit to make it happen.

  2. If we're both in agreement that this is right for you, you’ll purchase your programme and then you'll receive your Welcome Pack which includes a questionnaire to help me understand you and your business before we start.

  3. We’ll schedule your weekly, 60 minute sessions which will take place online via Skype or Facebook Messenger.

  4. Our sessions will be combined business advice, coaching and mentoring. This mean you determine the pace and I’ll provide the accountability and business know-how to ensure you meet your goals.

Additional support –

  • Access to me via Facebook messenger or email in between sessions as needed

  • Recommended reading – books I’ve found helpful along my journey in business




Why work with me?

When we run our own business, we start with a dream, a vision and great intentions. Very quickly and easily, we get bogged down in doing the job and we don’t keep ourselves accountable to achieving our original dream.

We then perceive that it’s becoming out of reach and maybe our business idea wasn’t that great after all… Ah! doubt can start to set in so quickly!

A really great solution to this is to work with someone impartial who has the skills and experience to help your business develop.

Someone who will hold you accountable and work with you, bringing you back to working toward your goals.

Great business leaders work with business advisers, mentors and coaches and together they achieve greater things.

In previous client facing advisory, coaching and mentoring roles, I’ve worked with numerous business owners just like you, who know what they want to achieve – but they’ve lacked direction and time!

I started working with business owners in an advisery capacity over 20 years ago and during that time I've worked with business of all shapes and sizes in a variety of sectors. 

I’m qualified in business management and performance improvement, I’m adept at recognising the big picture and honing in on specific needs to help you bring your business back to where you want it to be. 

I’ve run my own business for the last 3 years, so I understand first-hand how overwhelming and lonely being in business can be – and how easy it is to get de-railed and for your business to go down a different track.

My focus is helping you to achieve clear and attainable results through performance improvement.

I know that successful businesses need time for development but together, we can achieve more by helping you to find the direction you need and holding you accountable.

So, let’s talk…

Your ideal business is no longer a far-off dream… it’s waiting to be inspired by you! 

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