There’s always a lot to do when you run your own business  -  you can find help online and initially, I’m sure you were extremely motivated to get going but as you continue to develop your plans for growth, you realise that the only person to keep you accountable to your goals is yourself. Even if you have staff, as the business owner, you’ll be the one carrying the weight of the business on your shoulders.

How do you do it?  

Running a business is not easy. Even though you’re an expert in your field, you still have to run your business and this is very different in reality to the dream of ‘doing what you love’. It’s up to you to have an understanding of all the business elements required to keep your business afloat. You might not be skilled in these areas - you might not have any experience at all in financial management or marketing and sales, etc., but you also might not have the budget to outsource or employ staff - ‘experts’ - to undertake these tasks for you.

And just add into the mix procrastination - a really big time suck for small business owners! Scrolling Facebook and Instagram when you should be getting on, getting lost in a You Tube video spiral even if the initial intention was learning something new. Suddenly hours have passed! Also, you're working in the day to day of your business but not spending the time working on your business to develop your growth strategies.  You think ‘I'll do it tonight’ – but after tea and putting the children to bed, you’re shattered and dreaming of a well earned glass of wine.

What you’re left with, is a growing to-do list; jobs that you’re putting off because you don’t have the skills - this all leads to overwhelm and stress. Does this sound like you?

Is there an answer?

Well, I’m so pleased to tell you that there is! Imagine working with a likeminded professional who can:

  • Help you to establish realistic goals

  • Review your business so that you can focus on the crucial aspects

  • Keep you on track

  • Challenge your thinking

  • Help you to develop and implement relevant processes

  • Encourage you to move out of your comfort zone

  • Be a cheerleader for you and your business

  • Celebrate your successes with you 🥂


I offer Business Consultancy to do just this.

Together we can work on developing your goals and achieving them.  You don’t have to work on your business alone - and it never has to be lonely, overwhelming and stressful at the top again!


If this sounds like something you and your business need - 

  1. Click on the button below to book an initial complimentary call. We’ll chat about your business, what you'd like to achieve and see if we're a good fit to work together

  2. We'll decide on the regularity of your sessions - whether they'll be weekly, fortnightly or monthly

  3. We’ll schedule your 60 minute sessions which will take place online via Skype, Facebook Messenger or face to face if we’re local.

  4. Our sessions will be at your pace but I’ll provide the accountability and business know-how to ensure you meet your goals

  5. Or you may just want one session - a Power Hour, to concentrate on one particular issue that’s holding you back.


INVESTMENT: £127 per hour


Why work with me?

I'm a business consultant specialising in performance improvement. I’ll hold you accountable when we work together, bringing you back to working toward what you really want to achieve.

Great business leaders work with business advisers, mentors and coaches and together they achieve greater things.

In previous client facing advisery, coaching and mentoring roles, I’ve worked with numerous business owners just like you, who know what they want to achieve – but they’ve lacked direction and time!

I started working with business owners in an advisery capacity over 20 years ago and during that time I've worked with business of all shapes and sizes in a variety of sectors. 

I’m qualified in business management and performance improvement, I’m adept at recognising the big picture and honing in on specific needs to help you bring your business back to where you want it to be. 

I’ve run my own business for the last 3 years, so I understand first-hand how overwhelming and lonely being in business can be – and how easy it is to get de-railed and for your business to go down a different track.

My focus is helping you to achieve clear and attainable results through performance improvement.

I know that successful businesses need time for development but together, we can achieve more by helping you to find the direction you need and holding you accountable.

So, let’s talk…

The success you aspire for your business is no longer a far-off dream… it’s waiting to be inspired by you! 

Book your initial call now!