Identifying your ideal client!

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One of the wonderful things about running your own business is that you get to decide who you work with.   

Am I mad to say this?  A client’s a client, right? 

Well no, and here’s why.  

You’re an individual with your own set of values, your own temperament, your skills - you know what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. You know the kind of people you like to have in your world and those who you don’t!

And the same goes with clients. You know what you deliver and the results you achieve, and you might also know that you get different results with certain types of people or businesses because you have a preference for them, or your skills may be a better match for them.

You’ll also know that you prefer to do some types of work over others.

So, if you know where your value lies, surely you deserve to work with the type of clients who will receive this full value – because this leads to satisfaction for them and you.

There’s nothing more disconcerting than feeling at odds with a client. You might have been there? I know I have – certainly in employed situations when I didn’t have the luxury of choice but also as a business owner, when I’ve agreed to work with clients out of fear that if I don’t, I may never get another client…

But actually, you do have the luxury to choose. And you should choose for these reasons:

·      Your days should be filled doing the work that you love

·      When you do the work that you love, you get better and better at it so you can offer more value

·      When you’re passionate about what you do, your high vibe will attract people who need your service

·      When you know people/other businesses need your service you can be choosey about the type of client you work with

So, what do you need to know about your ideal client? 

In true Blue Peter style, I’ve already created a workbook for you. You can work through, answering the questions to find out who you want to work with.


(please note the workbook is sandwiched between a business start-up checklist and a goal setting info sheet that you’ll also receive).

But why spend the time identifying your ideal client really? You know the type of businesses you like to work with and the type of person – what else is in it for you?

It’s all about the message you put out there. If you’re not clear on who your ideal client is, then your messages become generic to attract everyone. Wouldn’t it be better to fully understand your ideal clients likes and dislikes, what potentially interests them and the types of businesses they run and why?

Here are 3 advantages of identifying your ideal client:

You get to know them better so that you can talk the language they understand

Granted, your ideal clients will not be clones of each other, but the idea is that they will have the similar frustrations in business. They might be gender specific, they might be a similar age, they might enjoy certain hobbies, etc. When you start to get to know them even better, your marketing and your messaging can be really honed to suit their style. When this happens, the ideal client is more likely to choose you because you talk their language.

I often have clients comment on my website – some just tell me that they like it, others go as far as to comment on the copy, and they tell me that they felt like I was talking specifically to them. Yes! I am talking to them.

Your tribe will start to see you as an industry expert 

When you talk the language of your ideal client, you’ll attract them to you at a greater rate and because they will resonate with your messages, taking them on board. 

They will see you as the person who fully understands their frustrations. They will see that you have the answers to help them. Thus, you’ll get more followers and clients as they will see you as the expert.

You’ll be able to scale your business 

Understanding your ideal clients will mean that when their needs change, your business can change with them so that you’re able to offer them the next thing they need. 

It’s pure market research – you’ll be able to see where they’re going next, what their needs will be, and you’ll know if you’re either able to fill these needs or if you need to do further development to do so. Either way, it’s an opportunity for your business to scale if you want it to.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you taken the time to identify your ideal client and how has this helped you?

Fay Blakey

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