Why blogging is good for business

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At the start of the year (2019) I made a commitment to myself and my business that I would blog weekly. I didn’t give myself an end date. Because I’m not a natural writer, I didn’t want to over commit. But I did want to do this for at least 3 months.

As it is, it’s now July and I have missed a few weeks, I’ll be honest. But I’ve only missed a few weeks because of work pressures. Not because I didn’t know what to write or because I couldn’t be bothered or because I had better things to do. I plan my blog writing into my diary, and it’s become a business process.  (And dare I say, I’m starting to enjoy it!)

But why is blogging really good for business?

I blog because I’ve spent the last 12 months+ really studying the marketing process. I know marketing from my past studies and activities in business but having my own business and marketing it seemed a different ball game. I wasn’t confident in my abilities and I wanted to change that. So, I’ve read books, joined memberships and training courses, followed the gurus, and generally immersed myself in all things marketing.

The guru’s will all tell you the same process – and one part of this is sharing valuable content. But it’s not good enough to share your content as and when you feel like it. As with anything, consistency is key. And one way to share content is of course, through a blog.

And blogging is excellent because it:

Is fab for SEO

Blogs are fantastic for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If you have keywords in your blog or use a title which may be a common question people ask, your blog will be shown as a result in the search engine. Once a person clicks, they’re on your website. Now it’s your opportunity to blow them away with your knowledge.

Gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge

Blogging enables you to show and share your knowledge, building your authority in your industry. People want to learn from the best – they want to know that you know your stuff. Blogging gives you the perfect showcase.

Drives traffic to you

Through searching for keywords, as I’ve said above, your blog will bring people to your website (your website is your shop). These browsers will then stop to read, then they’ll look around to see what else you have to offer. It’s likely that you’ll have other blogs or resources of use to them - or maybe a product or service they like the look of!

Generates leads

Blogging helps to generate inbound leads/enquiries. If people like what they see/read, they’ll visit again. They might bookmark your page as a useful resource, and this might then lead to working together in the future.


After blogging for 6 months, I can certainly say that I’ve seen the SEO benefits. I know (thank you Google Analytics) that people search for certain keywords and are shown my blog. Because of the way I set my blog up, they can see my other titles and can stay reading on my page for longer if they wish. That’s certainly the plan!

I’m certainly showcasing my knowledge. I do receive occasional comments on my blog (actually on the page) and I also receive feedback both from clients and others who read, to thank me for sharing certain things.

I know that it’s bringing people to my website and that they then look around to find out more about me and how I can help them – and this has led to clients. 

So looking back to the start of the year, I can say I’m really glad I started my blog. Even though some weeks I really don’t feel like writing, I might be short on time, things don’t always flow, I definitely suffer badly from writers block! I know I’ll get better over time and that I just need to be consistent. 

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Do you blog – if not, will you start one? Do let me know in the comments.

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