Are you a procrasti-learner? My top tips on how to get clever and focused with your learning.

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As human beings we have a constant desire to expand. Once we’ve got something, we often want the next best thing and then the next…

This is human nature. If we didn’t expand, we’d stagnate and decline for sure. 

We learn from the day we’re born to the day we die (I believe). I remember my Grandma embracing new technology, her microwave and teletext, in her late 70’s – she’d have mastered the internet too had she been alive then. My dad’s now in his 70’s and he’s recently become the proud owner of a smart phone after mastering his iPad (my mum’s always on at him to get with the times!)

We love to learn new things, expanding our mind – whether we are aware of it or not, the reality is we learn new things daily – some days it’s big things other days it’s tiny things.

Let’s develop

When we run our own business we’re quite conscious of the things we need to learn. We’re often very aware of our weaker areas where we need to develop ourselves. Thanks to the internet, this age of amazing technology, we have pretty much every resource we need at our finger tips if we’re prepared to search for it. The more we search for it, the more we realise there is to learn. It’s a snowball effect.

The trouble is, the snowball can get large and out of control. We start to feel overwhelmed – there’s all this stuff to learn, how will I ever learn it, when will I find the time, what do I need to learn first, how do I implement it into my business??? So many questions!

To compound this, we find that there are such amazing learning resources at our finger tips, answering our every question, our every need.

Certainly at the moment, with the growth of online businesses using social media to show you their wares, you can’t get through a day without being shown the latest new, often free, offer or challenge to enable you to learn a new skill – one that you’ve identified you need.

I became aware of challenges about 18 months ago. They may have been around for much longer but that’s when they came into my awareness. I signed up for a few – challenges to show me how I needed to grow my email list, how to pull together a lead magnet (I’d already got one but yes, I did the challenge), how to get more Facebook Page likes, how to get leads on Facebook, how to get leads on LinkedIn… so many challenges that appealed to me because I’m an online business owner, looking for ways to develop and grow my business.

At first the challenges were few and far between – so I was getting on with them whilst choosing books that would cover an area of learning that I knew I needed, whilst signing up to courses that covered another area of learning I knew I needed…

I love to learn – there’s no doubt about that.


There comes a point when we need to get real. 

Let’s consolidate

Learning is all very well but it needs to be consolidated and this should happen during and after each learning activity. If we go from one learning to the next without putting our learning into action, without seeing it working in our business, then that learning might have been pretty much a waste of our time.

I certainly found myself, earlier this year, signing up to challenges, which offered complete value to me, there’s no doubt about that but, I’d signed up to them without having planned how I was going to manage the learning and undertake the activities to consolidate the learning. And so what happened was I didn’t get anywhere with the challenges. I felt overwhelmed because I’d signed up and fallen behind – and then I’d beat myself up for not keeping up.

Just a vicious circle.

So if this resonates with you – and I guess if you’ve read this far it will do – then here’s what you can do instead.

Let’s focus

1.     Carry out a regular review of your business. Find out exactly where you are now – looking at your strengths and weaknesses

2.     Prioritise your weaknesses into order of importance – what is key right now for your business?

3.     Take the top priority and give yourself a timeframe to learn about that area ONLY. Research the best resources and take it from there

4.     Consolidate your learning by implementing the key learning into your business

5.     Monitor your results – when you start to see positive results, start again at point 1


Taking on every challenge, joining every group, reading every book is not ok – it’s not a viable strategy to help your business grow. It’s actually a form of procrastination put very nicely by a lovely client of mine as ‘procrasti-learning’.

Are you a procrasti-learner? I’ll be honest – I’m a bit of both. I’ve been very strategic in my learning over the last 12 months but I do get swayed by the challenges that I see but then if I take part, I seem to fall behind. So I’m being strong at the moment and I’m saying ‘no’ unless it’s something that’s absolutely my No.1 priority.

How about you?

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