5 reasons why you should be consistent in business

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I’d love to know – are you a ‘completer finisher’? or do you flit from one thing to another?

I’ve always been a bit of a completer finisher, but these days it does depend on what I’m doing.

I’ve always loved to read and at one time I couldn’t understand people who would start a book and not finish it. I remember the first time I did this; I can’t remember the title of the book, but it was really boring and someone I worked with at the time told me that life’s too short to read a book I’m not enjoying. I didn’t disagree, I remember feeling quite liberated to be able to close the book and move on. I may have done the same with one or two books since but generally I do like to complete what I start, and that’s the same with lots of things for me.

What it does mean through is that I will sometimes procrastinate over things – things I know I want to do, but I might not be completely in the right place to do them yet, so rather than start them and them not be quite right, I’ll put off starting all together – that’s definitely the downside of being a completer finisher. But that’s for another blog post…

Do you flit?

I have friends who flit from one thing to another – and I can’t really get my head around it. They’ll tell me they’re doing one thing and then all of a sudden, they’re on to something new. Sometimes these are important things – they might start a business but because clients didn’t fall from the sky and land in their lap, they start a different business and yes, you’ve guessed it, the same results occur.

I guess flitting from one thing to another is ok if the ‘thing’ isn’t too important – like reading a book or watching a tv series (I’ve started quite a few of those and not bothered to carry on with them)  but when it impacts on your business, your livlihood, it really is important. So if you’re the type of person who goes from one thing to another really quickly, then sit back and stop and just read on, because I believe finishing what you’ve started can be a huge help – you may need to change track sometimes, of course you might – but you need to see what you’re doing through to the end and have patience to wait for results.

And I guess the patience really is the key word here – have patience with what you’re doing.

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I believe it’s important to identify the key things that need doing in your business and systematically work through these tasks. If your business is new or you’re making new changes, perhaps designing a new online course, you don’t want to be writing the course and the copy for your website at the same time. Do one thing and get it done to your satisfaction before you move on to the next – otherwise neither will get finished.

If you do like to go from one thing to the next, you might find it useful to use a productivity tool such as the Pomodoro Technique (developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s). This is where you’ll 

·      decide on your task 

·      set yourself a time limit, traditionally 25 minutes;

·      set to work

·      end when the timer rings and checkmark where you’re at

·      set your timer and start again

·      after 4 Pomodoro’s have a 20 minute break and then repeat

When we give ourselves short bursts of time to do a task, it’s amazing just how much we can actually get done. You’ll find that work will expand to fill the time you have available, so if you do struggle to keep yourself to task, this tool works wonderfully well.

There are great advantages to being consistent and staying on task:

You get things done

Yes, you’ll be amazed how much you can get through on your to do list if you set to and stay on task. You’ll also love the feel good factor, just knowing you’ve finally got to the end of something and can now show it to the world.

You can review your processes

Once something is finished and you have it working in your business, you can review it.  If you finish a new online course, you can test it with some clients, get their feedback and make any necessary changes before it becomes a main part of your offer.

Or if you’ve finished your sales page on your website, you can test it to see how many visitors you get and how many click ‘Buy Now!’ If it’s not getting the numbers, you can make amendments.

Clients will know what to expect from you

You’ll become known as ‘someone who does what they say on the tin’, if you like – your clients will have expectations of you and if they know you’ll deliver on a timely basis, then not only will they like this but they will pass your name on to their friends and associates as a trusted person/business – you’ll build your reputation with your audience.

Your content will be relevant

When clients and potential clients trust you, they’ll want to see more from you.  If you are now dedicating time to blog or to post on social media on a regular basis you’ll build the trust as mentioned above and people will come back for more and more from you – you’ll build relevance in your clients eyes 

You’ll hold yourself accountable to keep getting things done 

One thing that we all need when we’re running a business is accountability and if you’re not working with someone who can hold you accountable then you’ll need to do this for yourself. It’s so important. You will need to keep pushing yourself to move your business forward, to make changes, to scale. And so, if you’re flitting from one thing to another then you’ll never get to this point. Stop now and get one thing done at a time. Write everything else down on a list and work through each point one by one. Hold yourself accountable for each point – starting and finishing them and getting them out to your audience. Your business will thank you.

Do let me know in the comments below which camp you fall into - are you a completer finisher or a flitter? If you’re flitting from one thing to another, do you think being more consistent will help you in your business?

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