Mindset! How does it help your business?

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Energy work, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, etc., is something I’m learning more and more about on a personal level and it completely fascinates me.

It can be a huge part of your success or can be a huge part in keeping you stuck when there’s something you desperately want to achieve.

What seems like many years ago (back in 2005) I became an NLP Practitioner. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I was employed at the time and NLP was something my manager thought the whole team would benefit from, so we did the training together which was, looking back, rather extravagant but huge fun and it really sparked my interest in the workings of the human mind. Sadly, I didn’t have too much opportunity in employment to really use my new knowledge to its full potential.

My interest was never forgotten though and when I became self-employed and really started to delve into the ‘online business’ world I realised that mindset, positive psychology, NLP, energy work is really hugely important. And it’s a common belief that a mix of getting your business processes right alongside doing the mindset work will help you be successful.

So, what is the mindset work?

It’s more than just having a positive mental attitude. It’s strengthening the mind so that you can be resilient, relentless in your approach to your business with the strong belief that you will succeed.

Now, I know that mindset experts will want to say a lot more here. Please bear with me, I’m not an expert in this field so this is just my take.

Working on your mindset is a mix of lots of different things. For me, it’s about remembering why I’m doing what I’m doing, being true to myself and strengthening my character so that I have the impetus daily to keep doing the work I need to do to grow my business.

Even though that sounds like something every business owner would want to do and expect to do, it isn’t easy to do consistenly, every day because our moods change and our energy effects what we can and can’t achieve.

When we have high energy we’re raring to go – we’re full of ideas, we feel creative, we feel strong. We have a sense of ‘get the job done’, ‘let’s do this thing!’ – you can feel the energy there can’t you, even in the written word.

When we have low energy, we might think ‘what’s the point?’, I can’t be bothered, I’ll do it tomorrow, woe is me.

But as a business owner, whilst low energy is a natural thing for everyone to feel every now and then, it’s something we can’t afford to have too much of because business success comes from our consistent efforts.

So this is where we need to change the state of our mindset from low to high energy. 

Here are some ways that you can do that:

Take some deep breaths

Breathe deeply and remember why you started your business in the first instance – and visualise, in an ideal world, what it will look like in 6 or 12 months time. Really feel the images in your head – feel good looking at your future business. Be inspired and proud of what the future you has achieved.

(Don’t lose the momentum of this activity – record your visualisation so that you can turn it into goals for your plan)

Take a step away

Go for a walk or take the day off. Extravagant? No. Believe it or not you’ll still think about your business but being in the fresh air or creating space in your mind will allow creative thoughts to come to you and you’ll likely get some fantastic light bulb moments. Have you read my blog Why I Visit the Supermarket?

Listen to music that you love

Change the vibe of your external environment. Have a sing and a dance to your favourite music. You could create a high vibe playlist.

Be grateful

Think of 10 things daily that you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude – write them down.

Be kind

Do a random act of kindness – anything will work but you could write a testimonial for someone you’ve recently worked with or you could phone a friend and tell them how grateful you are for their friendship.


There are so many things that you can do – really, just googling this topic will bring up hundreds of results.

What you’ll find, is with a high vibe or high energy, you’ll feel the love with your business, and you’ll want to do the things you need to do to move you forward.

I’m generally a positive person, my glass is half full or more but I’m currently working with an Energy Coach in order to clear the limiting beliefs I have about business and some other things. I love our sessions – learning techniques to help me now and in the future and the realisation that there’s so much work we can do on ourselves which will help us in all areas of our lives.

Do comment below to let me know how you raise your energy, your vibe - do you have daily rituals?

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