How to take consistent daily actions in your business.

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You probably hear a lot that all you need to do is take consistent daily actions and your business will grow.

It’s undoubtably true but it’s not a helpful statement if you have no idea what those actions should be!

Having run my own business for 4 years now, I can certainly tell you that I’ve had times when I’ve gone days… weeks without taking action. There have been other times when I’ve been consistently on the ball. The evidence has been there to see.

So, what am I talking about?

Well, taking consistent daily actions isn’t talking about doing the client work. You have to do that anyway, obviously, it’s a very important part of your day that needs to be a priority to manage your client’s expectations, to earn your money and keep your customer service tip top.

But equally important is business development – and it’s the consistent daily actions here that are vital to growing your business. 


Yes, I know you’re relieved that you no longer work the 9-5 but I firmly believe that a working routine is important. I’m aware that it suits my style and you may be different from me, but however you choose to work, be aware of all that you need to do and ensure you get it done.

For me, my routine is a working day between 9am and 3pm whilst my son is at school. I may need or choose to work longer hours but that’s my choice. My clients are aware that my working day is between 9am and 3pm and I undertake client work on Mondays – Thursdays. Fridays are for me. Again, I may undertake client work on a Friday but that’s my choice. 

I generally block out Fridays for business development: blog writing, content planning, business planning.

Time blocking or scheduling

I love to block out my time during my working hours so that I know I’ll have the opportunity to do everything I need to do.

On Monday’s – Thursday’s between 9am and 3pm, I: 

  • block out time to do client work – this will depend what appointments are in my diary and what’s on my to-do list. 

  • block out time to do marketing – posting on social media, engaging with others, writing an email to my list, nurturing prospective clients, promoting my blog, etc.

In the evening’s I like to develop my personal and business skills, so I’ll read, research, listen to podcasts etc. I like to prioritise something of this nature daily.


As Friday’s are my days, in addition to writing and planning, I like to take a review of the week. I look at my 90-day plan and review what I’ve done that week to help achieve my set goals. No point having a plan if you’re not going to work to meet your goals, hey?

This is a crucial step. Often, we resist writing a plan in the first instance, but having written our plan, we must not lose sight of what we’re wanting to achieve. Reviewing everything we do is such good business practice.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’

My working routine has become very important to me. It enables me to have a balanced week, to get things done, to plan my workload, my business and move forward. It helps reduce overwhelm, anxiety and stress levels.                                                                                   

However, we all know that life will throw us a curve ball from time to time and clients may come knocking on our door with demands for things to be done. Consider whether you should sacrifice your routine for these demands. It’s true that sometimes I have to sacrifice my Friday’s but as I said earlier, that will always be my choice.

If you communicate well with your clients and manage their expectations of you and when you can complete their work, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your routine. It’s ok to say no. It’s fine to say, ‘I can’t do this for you right now, but I can ensure it’s done by…’

I often see business development either being sacrificed or pushed onto the back burner when clients come calling but remember – this work is vital to your business growth, so respect it and make time for it.

Know what lies ahead

At the end of each day, plan your tomorrow. Don’t waste vital time in the morning wondering what you’ll be doing that day, start your day with a clear plan or to-do list and get on with it. 

Planning the evening before helps to reduce procrastination and you’ll find you’ll get more done.


I hope these tips are helpful to you. Daily consistent actions will make a world of difference to your business over time, in terms of business growth and your own personal growth as a business owner.

Let me know if you’re currently taking daily consistent actions. If you’re not, what might you start to do differently?

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