Consistency = business transformation. How do I know?

Business transformation

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

Your business will not be an overnight success.

You do not wake up one morning and decide something and it happens straight away (well, I guess it depends what you want but I’m talking business here).

I went self-employed 4 years ago and apart from a few clients that I worked with early on – kind of before my business was even a thing, it took 6 months for me to get a regular client. And then two came along at once! (Of course - clients are just like busses!)

A lot of people knew that I’d started a business and I remember a particular friend whose daughter had her swimming lesson after my son – so we’d see each other for 5 minutes to chat at the change over time. Every week she’d ask me the same question “any clients?” and every week I’d reply “no, but I’m still trying!”

And trying I was. Because whilst it took time for my business to gather momentum and for me to gain the skills that I needed (and much of that was self-confidence after being made redundant and then being a full time mum for 4 years) I did not take my foot of the accelerator pedal for one moment. I took daily, consistent action to build my business.

I’ll tell you what I did - consistency is key

I’ll tell you exactly what I did. My first task of every week day without fail was to research business owners who looked like they might need my skills – I used LinkedIn for this (brilliant tool!). I then tried to find contact details for them. Even though I could have sent them a direct message on LinkedIn, at that time I chose to find their email address.  My aim was to find 10 per day and email them, offering my services. I would follow up after 4 weeks if I hadn’t heard from them and I would do a second follow up after another 4 weeks. I can tell you that the 2nd follow up email was always the most successful.

From cold emails and taking referrals from another business owner who had come to like and trust me, I filled my business with clients. It took nearly 2 years! The process worked but it worked slowly. I knew it worked so I stuck with it.

There are better ways, I know this very well now. For, by the time my business was full with clients, I decided I needed to change tack completely and go back to doing what I’d always done professionally, but staying self-employed.

This meant that I had to start again – from scratch! Although I knew that this time, my former methods for gaining clients probably wouldn’t work – because it was a completely different business offer. I had to look at other ways. Again, it took time, but consistent daily action again was the key. And still is the key because marketing is a daily business activity – not just one to pick up and put down when the mood strikes.

How does it work for my clients?

I had a session with a client this week (we meet weekly) and at the end of the session she said “I’ve come a long way!”

Yes, she has!  

We’ve been working together for 4 months now. I’m her business coach. When we started working together, her business message felt muddled. She’s a very creative person, has lots of fabulous ideas – but she was wanting to implement them as soon as they came to her – but it meant she was flitting from one thing to another and never really getting her teeth stuck into one thing.

Together (and with other resources – my client has gone all out gather the resources she needs to make her business work, it’s quite a collaborative process) we’ve streamlined her offer; tailored her message and she’s putting it out there.

It’s taken 4 months to get here, and we’re not finished yet, but she can now see her business in a systematic flow – understating why she needs to concentrate her efforts on certain parts before starting the next. Actually, we used the term ‘the jigsaw is all starting to fit together now’. My client freely admitted that 4 months ago, she had all the pieces, but they were all messed up.

So the transformation is happening, but it didn’t happen overnight – for my business, for this client’s business or any of my other clients businesses.

Nor should it.

It takes time to sort out the jigsaw pieces of business. Actions need to be taken to see certain results before other actions can happen. Like the jigsaw - find your corners, then your outline and then start to fill in the middle.

Does this resonate with you? Where are you in the jigsaw of your business? What keeps you stuck? What actions do you need to take first?

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