Are you blocking your own success and business growth?

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Are you blocking your success because you’re too busy looking for your blocks?

Some years ago I studied NLP and I have always been completely fascinated by psychology and how the mind works. The conscious and subconscious mind blow me away to be honest and it’s an area that I love to learn more about.

As a person, I’m pretty grounded. I’m not overly emotional or emotionless. I think rationally. I’m the person my friends and family call on when they need someone to listen and to give practical advice. Yep, I’m definitely the practical one.

My career grew steadily as I studied and became more skilled, experienced and qualified in my field. I could see the progression I wanted, and I worked for it. 

Outside of work, I also knew what I wanted and again, I worked for it. There were a few life goals that I had, and I achieved them by putting a plan in place and sticking to it – consistently, over time.

I didn’t overthink any of this. I just got on with it. I made decisions and worked out how I could achieve things. Bam… bam… bam.

Then I became a mum and went through redundancy, so I took some time out.

And because I love to learn and develop my skills, I continued to read a lot and I started reading self-development books.

I read loads and I was learning lots about mindset, growth versus fixed; and strategies to develop myself. Remember, a subject that really interests me. And all this was quite handy because I had plans for my future. 

But… and there’s a big but… These books talk a lot about limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. We all have them to an extent.

I started to doubt myself. The more I read about blocks and limiting beliefs, the more I thought I must have them, really deeply engrained ones. And the biggest blockage I thought I had was around money.

Now, I’ve had a great realationship with money in the past. Money and how I choose to use it has helped me to achieve massive goals in my life. Money is important to me; it’s given me freedom and choice. This is the reality.

I was told the usual when I was young - money doesn’t grow on trees. I had to wait for Christmas and birthdays to have things (but so did everyone else). My parents made the most of the money they had, which wasn’t a great deal, but no one went without. 

I was never told that money is the route of all evil, that rich people were the devil or anything like that – in fact I grew up in the company of moneyed people that were associates of my mum’s business.

So why, all of a sudden, had I decided I had money blocks?

Simply because of this: I’d been through redundancy and decided to start my own business. Like all businesses, my business has and is still going through the usual growing pains and phases. Things don’t happen overnight - at any point of the business life cycle. But we often assume, I assumed, that everyone else was doing just fine and clients were falling from the sky for them, when I was working hard to find mine.

Actually, growth and success depends on lots of factors but every single business goes through growing pains.

When we work in isolation, we don’t always fully rationalise our thoughts about what we’re going through and what other business owners are going through. 

In my head, instead of seeing business growth and development for what it really is, I decided I had money blocks. Blocks that would just keep me ticking over and pretty stagnant with regard to growth.

I tried hard to uncover these blocks and beliefs. I read lots and was on a mission when I went on to work with a very talented lady who told me honestly that she struggled with me because I didn’t seem to be that blocked. This frustrated me, why couldn’t she see?

Sometimes we need to be told things a few times before they sink in. The penny finally dropped for me when someone else was talking about blocks and said ‘forget your blocks, let’s just get on with things’. (The kind of statement the old me would love)

And it hit home - wow – what a light bulb moment that was. 

All of a sudden it was clear, I realised that believing I had blocks was just a major procrastination for me – procrastinating about growing my business. Almost being in fear of what’s to come and what I am capable of achieving. I’d been creating my own blocks in my open road to growth.

I’ve still got lots to learn as a business owner. There’s still lots I need to do to get my business out there. I know, as a business adviser, that businesses have to grow. If they don’t grow, they will decline and so growth is the only option and we don’t stop learning how to make this happen at every stage of our business.

I’ve written this article to articulate my thoughts, and to give myself permission to go all in and grow my business. And I write it for you, if you’ve had the same or a similar experience – are you creating or searching for blocks and limiting beliefs to hold you back?

Let’s bust these blocks and get on with things!

I obviously do have to write a disclaimer. I know that for some people the blocks are very real, they have deep roots, and your circumstances will be different to mine. But I also know that procrastination is real and that our subconscious mind will use anything to keep us safe. But we don’t need to be kept safe from business growth – we need to embrace it and love it.

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I know that you started your business for flexibility and satisfaction and to live your purpose. You have a fabulous business idea that your ideal clients should love.

But you’re frustrated becuase it now feels daunting and overwhelming - there’s so much to do and you’re just not sure if all these things you’re doing are the right things.

I do know how you feel, and I’d love to take you from this confusion to creating a clear direction to develop the business you’ve always had in mind.