5 Ways to be visible in business – and why you need to be!


Visibility is something, as business owners, we need to embrace for the very simple reason that if you’re not visible – if you’re not putting your business out there, how are your clients ever going to know you exist?

A bit about my visibility journey

Now, as you know, I started my first business is 2015. I was encouraged by my business mentor at the time to update my LinkedIn profile and have a website.

I was happy to update my LinkedIn profile. I’d had a profile for a few years with a few connections, friends and people I used to work with. Nothing really happened on LinkedIn as far as I was concerned, certainly, I’d never made anything happen on LinkedIn – not so much as a solitary post!

Having a website was another thing all together. I felt really odd about having one – the mere thought of it pushed me straight out of my comfort zone. I realise now that this was my Imposter Syndrome kicking in. I talk about my Imposter Syndrome in another blog here.

My only experience of having a website in the past was commissioning a company to design and host one for a project I used to manage. Having my own, for my own business felt like a huge deal. I developed my website myself (as funds were tight at the time) and it wasn’t very good at all, I had website shame (yes, it’s a thing) and so I didn’t really tell anyone about it! (I was hugely embarrassed that my mum was telling everyone she knew about it!)

Luckily, I did quite well in that business through referrals and loyal clients who worked with me on an ongoing basis. Looking back, I realise I didn’t really market that business at all.

Moving into a new space, a new business where I completely changed my offer to clients, the business coach I was working with to help me through the process made me realise that whilst I’d been lucky to have referrals in the past – this model was not going to cut it anymore. Because I had changed tack – my current clients didn’t need my new services and neither did my referees. I needed to show myself to a NEW market – I needed to get visible!

I was excited to change my website, this time it’s one I’m very proud to share – but I realised there was so much more to visibility than just sharing my URL.

This time it was all about really upping my marketing game on and off line. Those feelings came flooding back – Imposter Syndrome, what will people think, who am I do have a business, why would clients work with me?

Over the past 18 months I’ve been trying to embrace visibility. 18 months ago, I was literally terrified of putting myself out there, but the reality was that I knew I had to in order to grow and develop my business. I started slowly, there’s no doubt about that. I started with some Instagram posts and a Facebook page, feeling mortified when friends started to like my page and comment on my posts. But of course, I needn’t have worried, these were my friends and they’ve always supported me. (And as lovely as they all are, they’re not my ideal clients.)

The reason for writing this blog is because I’ve just completed a 30 consecutive day video challenge. This challenge was set in a coaching membership group that I belong to. I decided to take part because whilst I do video’s now on social media, I felt I needed the push to do them every single day.

Last week I got to day 30.  I did it! I completed the challenge. I did all of my video’s over on LinkedIn, it’s a platform I’m really social on these days – and of course, it’s where a lot of my potential clients hang out.

It wasn’t always easy to find things to say every day – especially at the weekends. I kept my videos short and I didn’t really plan them prior to recording them, I decided being natural was best so that people could see the real me (being authentic is one of my personal and business values after all).

When I started the challenge, I was already over my fear of what people would think of me – that kind of went out of the window last year. I’m very comfortable and confident with who I am in my business these days. I did the challenge because I need to be more consistent with being visible.  I fully realise that when we’re busy marketing our business, whether that’s on social media or not, we think people get sick and tired of seeing us and hearing our message. The reality of course is that not everyone sees every post. Of course they don’t! They’re busy with their own work and their own lives. And so, we absolutely need to keep showing up.

Here are 5 great ways to be visible in your business that you can take action on TODAY

Social Media

·      Concentrate on the platforms where your ideal clients hang out as opposed to those that you love the most.  (If you’re not sure who your ideal client is or where they are, download my free workbook here

·      Post content that your ideal client would love to hear about. What are their pain points? What do they really need to know about right now? 

·      Show the real you – don’t be afraid to be vulnerable – remember people buy from people

·      Tell people what you can do and how they can buy

·      Post consistently and relentlessly!

Grow your Network 

You won’t get far if you don’t grow your network so get out there and make connections.  Ideally, you’re looking to connect with your Ideal Client, so you need to know where they hang out both online and offline. So you’ll be looking at social media platforms, online groups, hashtags – and also physical networking meetings, events, etc.

Who influences your ideal client? Find out and get connecting or following those people too – because your ideal clients certainly will be.


·      Write useful content for your website that you can share across platforms. Blogging regularly as opposed to sporadically will get your potential clients used to seeing you – they’ll look forward to your content.

·      Make sure your blogs address your Ideal Client’s pain points? You want to ensure they’ll read it! 

·      Writing about what you know helps you to be seen as an expert in your field. Clients like credibility!

·      Make sure your blogs contain keywords so that when people are searching on Google, your content will get found.

Guest blog/podcast or submit articles to online publications

·      Who do you know that has a blog or a podcast? Ideally, you’re looking for someone who offers a service to compliment yours but will likely have a similar ideal client following (you don’t want to be looking at the competition)

·      What publications (online or offline) would benefit from your content?

This is all about getting your name known to new audiences and bringing them onboard with your business

Email your list

If you have subscribers on an email list, please don’t let them forget who you are. You should be talking to them, telling them all about what you do and giving them useful information, regularly and consistently. 

And the most important point - be patient – it does takes time but if you take action daily, you’ll get there! Decide now, what ONE thing could you take action on today?

I hope this blog has been useful to you - please do leave your comments on how you are or wish to be visible to your audience.

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