5 steps to working through the business wobbles!

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Have you ever had that feeling that things aren’t right? Perhaps business isn’t happening as you thought it might, and it leaves you wondering if you’re doing the right thing. You wonder if perhaps you’re just chasing a dream. Or if your business is more secure, you wonder constantly if you’re on the right path - is it as secure as it could be? Are there other things that you could/should be doing?

You wouldn’t be alone if you have these thoughts. And often, this is why business owners turn to a coach. They need someone to talk things through with, someone to help them make head and tail of their thoughts and set some realistic goals.

Last week, I had a session with one of my clients where she just had to clear everything that was in her head. She actually said, ‘Fay, I’m having a wobble’ and she needed to verbalise all of her thoughts. With my help, a listening ear and the right questions, we were able to make sense of her thoughts and get clarity. A clear direction that my client is happy and confident to take forward.

Sometimes, we get trapped in our thoughts – and then they go into an out of control spiral and we start to think all sorts!

What can you do if this happens to you?

Understand that it’s normal

Yes, it really is normal!

Being a business owner is often a VERY lonely place to be. All of the top-level business process activities more than likely need to be done by you. So that includes planning, creation, decision making. So, the most natural thing in the world is to question whether or not the decisions you’re making for your business are the right ones.

Walk away

When you realise you’re having a wobble, or your thoughts are jumbled, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, walk away. At this stage, don’t try to make sense of them, instead, let them settle (like sediment in liquid). If you can do something completely different that needs you to concentrate, all the better because your brain will be too busy concentrating on that new task to be thinking about your business. So maybe, read a book, watch a film etc., – give your time to something else.

Get it all down on paper

Getting your thoughts down on paper is such a powerful thing to do. It clears your mind of all your thoughts. You don’t need to give thought power to these now, because they’re all written down. 

What you can do instead is make sense of what you’ve written. You can prioritise them, scrap them, identify that some might be important points.

Having the thoughts on paper gives your mind space to come up with some solutions. Write these down too.

Talk it through

Speaking out loud can often really help you to clarify your thoughts. Sometimes in your head they look a certain way but when you actually speak your thoughts or talk them through with someone, they can sound quite different.

It’s also useful to get a different perspective from someone else – but make sure that person is impartial and has yours and your business interests at heart.

Ask for help

You should never worry about asking for help. Sometimes you might need someone just to ask the right questions, like I did with my client last week. When you’re asked the right questions, you should answer with what comes up for you – not what you think the answer should be.

You’ll likely have a few wobbles during the lifespan of your business - so I hope this process helps. When it happens again, remember step 1, it’s normal!

Do let me know in the comments section below how you deal with your busienss wobbles.

Fay Blakey

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I know that you started your business for flexibility and satisfaction and to live your purpose. You have a fabulous business idea that your ideal clients should love.

But you’re frustrated becuase it now feels daunting and overwhelming - there’s so much to do and you’re just not sure if all these things you’re doing are the right things.

I do know how you feel, and I’d love to take you from this confusion to creating a clear direction to develop the business you’ve always had in mind.

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