Fallen out of love with your business? 5 indications that your business is no longer working for you

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What do you do when the business you’ve lovingly grown and developed over the years isn’t actually lighting your fire anymore?

It sounds mad doesn’t it? That you can have a business but fall out of love with it or perhaps you were never in love with it in the first instance.

But it’s more common that you might think.

I know because it happened to me – and I help other business owners who feel the same.

My Story

You may know my story already, but if you don’t, in a nutshell: I set up my first business in 2015 having spent 5 years being a full-time mum to my son Sam. I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave due to a change in UK Government and the implications of that. I had worked for a Government funded organisation as a business adviser for many years – a job I loved and one that had developed my skills immensely over the years.

It’s fair to say I felt lost after redundancy. I wanted to have some time with Sam, but I did want to go back to work too. What I didn’t want was a massive commute – which left my options somewhat limited given the choice of employment where I live.

I was toying with the idea of self-employment. Family and friends agreed that being a self-employed business adviser would be a great move. But I couldn’t see how it would work. As an employed adviser, the work I did was paid for by funding i.e. the client didn’t have to pay – so the voice in my head for doing this type of work on a self-employed basis was saying ‘Who’s going to want to pay?”. I listened to the voice and agreed that of course, nobody would want to pay!

I researched becoming a Virtual Assistant. Afterall, I’d always done my own admin, I can type and do general stuff. That was it, my mind was made up – Virtual Assistance here I come.

And that’s what I did.

But funnily enough, whenever I thought about my business, I thought about a coaching and advisory business NOT a Virtual Assistance business, ever! So, when I was planning for my business, I always had a different business in my head. I remember it well, I used to walk a lot – get my 10,000 steps a day in before the working day started, and my thoughts were with a completely different business. I’d then come home and work in the business I’d created but it was never the business that I truly loved.

What was the problem?

My clients were lovely, really. People who shared my values and I understood their work because they were coaches and consultants – the world I’d come from. 

The work didn’t light my fire. I didn’t want to be reactive to my client’s needs – I wanted to be face to face with clients helping them move forward in their business.

It took me 2 years to get real and realise changes needed to be made. But then it hit me like a hammer, and I did something about it.

I’m a further 2 years down the road now and I’m living the dream business (my dream anyway). I now help other business owners who are in similar positions as I was – they’ve set up their business but it’s not lighting their fire. What can they do about it?


Is this you too? Perhaps you’re not sure as you sit and read this. So here are 5 indications that your business isn’t working for you.

You’re not inspired

You shouldn’t have the Sunday night blues when you’re the head of your own business. If your business isn’t inspiring and exciting, then something is wrong.

Take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you love about your business and then those you don’t. Which list is longer? If you just have a few niggles, then understanding what they are, having them written down can help you do something about them, make the changes you need. If you have an exhaustive list of niggles then questions have to be asked about whether continuing with the business as it is, is in your best interests.

Business is making you ill

We hear a lot that we should love what we do. And whilst we may not love every minute of every day, if we’ve created our own business, then really there should be a massive element of joy. The flip side of this is when there is no joy at all, business can actually make us feel ill.  If this is you, then serious questions do need to be asked. Is it one particular circumstance or is it your business as a whole?

You’re massively procrastinating 

We all procrastinate. There will always be work to be done that we won’t want to do.

My husband is a graphic designer by profession but now he runs his own business as an audio producer. He still does the occasional bit of graphic design when clients require it. But it’s so interesting seeing his working dynamic change. When he’s working with audio, he’s all over it – can’t wait to get stuck in. If there are graphics to be done he’ll find any excuse to put it off. The love isn’t there for that element anymore.

Are you procrastinating for the same reasons?

You’re not keen on your clients

We all have ‘that one’ client who tests our metal. But if you consider all of your clients to be utter pains in the posterior, again, why?

I’m sure they’re lovely people, but clearly you’re not aligned and you need to figure out the reason why – and likely it’ll be that you’re not resonating with the work you’re doing for them.

You’re not getting sales

Sales happen when we’re energised to sell our services. We get energy when we fully believe in ourselves and what we do. Passion and energy sell better than the words we use and the sales process we put our potential clients through.

Clients buy because they trust us as people – that we can deliver, they trust our service – they can see it’s what they need, and they trust themselves to do whatever needs to be done to get the results they desire. If we don’t instil the trust our clients need to see in us and in our services, then the sales won’t happen. And if you’re not happy in your business, you won’t radiate that energy and passion.


So, I’ll ask you again, is this you?

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