Fay Blakey About

Hi there! I’m Fay…

Most days you can find me in jeans and a t-shirt working at my desk, I work from home during the hours my son is at school.

I’m mum to gorgeous Sam, wife to Jon, I’m a daughter, a sister and an auntie - my family mean the world to me. I’m also a real animal lover, my fur babies are my geriatric cat, Annie, who loves to sleep on my desk or sit on my keyboard!! And my bunnies, Smokey and Bugsey. (or The Bandit, as she’s now affectionately called)

I love life and always like to see the funny side, I’m practical and down to earth but also love to have a dance around the kitchen when I’m cooking the tea. I sing along too but I never know all the right words to songs so I tend to make up my own!


I’m really passionate about self-development, realising potential and performance improvement.

And so, I coach and advise business owners like you.

I love helping them develop their business into what they always dreamt it would be.  These are women and men who are yearning for better things: more business sustainability, more of the right type of clients, more money so that they can enjoy more freedom…

At the moment they’re struggling with the business of running of a business, even though they’re really passionate about what they do and blooming good at it too.

They wish they could find an easier way, they’re looking for solutions…

... and I’m lucky to be able to show them the way to develop their businesses through applying proven strategies.

When I’m not busy working with my clients, you can catch me being a mum – doing the after school activities and running around like a mad loon!


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. I love Orca’s and have been an adoptive mother to Havanah and Holly (Orca sisters) for over 20 years

  2. I love history and am really fascinated by life in the middle ages

  3. I can inhale a box of orange Matchmakers before anyone else realises the box has been opened!

  4. I’ve been wearing the same shade of lipstick and had the same hairstyle since my early 20’s!

  5. I have a fetish for drinking glasses!


What makes me the ideal person to help you?

During the past 20 years I've worked with numerous business owners just like you, who know what they want to achieve - but they've not always had the direction and they've not always had the time!

I can recognise the big picture within business and can then hone in on specific needs.  I thrive in fast-changing environments.  I focus on achieving clear and attainable results.  

I know that successful businesses need time for strategic development - and this can take forever if you're bogged down in the nitty-gritty of every day business life.

My skills are backed up with qualifications from CMI, ILM and CIPD; a Business Degree; a Diploma in NLP and a Certificate in Life Coaching. In addition, I’ve spent a large amount of time working with continuous and performance improvement models (as an accredited adviser). These models are formulated from best business practice and the principles can be applied to any business.

Fay and I had a call last week and she has such a friendly approach and way of making you relaxed. From the moment I first spoke to her I really enjoyed discussing my business and where it was going. Since then, I feel like I have got really focussed on what I actually do and stripped out the noise that was holding me from moving forward. She also helped me focus my day in chunks of manageable areas so I am getting more done. If you are thinking about working with Fay, I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her - she is really kind, approachable and helpful. Thank you!
— Claire Taylor | Totally Taylored Marketing

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  1. ensure your business is correctly set up;

  2. engage with your ideal clients from day 1; and

  3. have a plan so that your business grows just how you’d imagined it would?